I’m baaaaack! With some self consideration

First, I have to admit I was a little disappointed in how I totally dropped the ball on my blog efforts….despite how excited I was about it.  Then, I let go of that disappointment as I soon realized the source of my distraction….I have been busy…actually living fabulously fierce 🙂  And really, that’s nothing to be disappointed about.

As I am one who loves to share the inspiration that I am fortunate enough to experience daily, I had to get back.  So, here I am and here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to pick up as if we never left off.  Side Note: I have a cousin, Patrick….he and I go looooooooooooong periods of not seeing each other-I’m talking years.  There is this bond between us though, that all it takes is a smile from me, and a big huge hug from him with a “sup cuz” greeting and it’s like the last time we spoke was just an hour ago.  That’s family love, and I’m extending that to you…you play Patrick and I’ll just be me (I think it only makes sense).

So, with a smile :), let me begin:

Last night, I had an opportunity to catch up with my sister, Aundrea Cline-Thomas (remember that name because she’s gonna be even bigger than she is now some day very soon).  We haven’t talked in a while so of course there were hours of catching up to do.  A lot of what we ended up talking about is what we do for ourselves to keep our mind right, our hearts healthy, our souls geared up, and our bodies in tip top shape.  Dre and I have very different approaches to rejuvenating…..she loves being in her place and enjoying some much needed quiet time….can’t blame her with all she has to do with her job.  I, on the other hand, though I enjoy a balance of reflection time and quiet as well as being out and about, I’m definitely more focused on the out and about doing things mode…really, I just can’t sit still.

We found that we both are not as good as we should be about focusing on what we need as much as we do focus on the needs of others.  We face many requests of “can you do…”, “can you help me…”, “would you mind…”, and because we’re good people who just like to also get things done it’s always “yes, I can do…”, “sure, I can help you…”, “hmmm, no, I don’t mind….”-and then we’re pretty spent with just a little left in us to do maybe, maybe just a little somethin somethin for ourselves.”  NOT GOOD.

Living Fabulously Fierce is as much about focusing on how you show up for others as it is about showing up for yourself.  In fact, I would submit that it’s more about showing up as best you can for yourself so that you can be the best for others as needed.

One of my friends has always done a great job of putting herself first and while a few actually consider her selfish for her approach to life, there is no one I know who does not want to be in her presence.  She’s just always “in a good place”, you know a good state of mind, so people can actually enjoy her company.  I learned a few years ago that she does not start a day or leave her house, not even if there is a 4:00a.m. flight to catch, without treating herself to a cup of tea and reflecting on an inspirational quote or Bible verse first just to give her a moment of peace before the kids wake up or the stress of work becomes a reality yet again.

Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #1: Self Consideration. Doing what eases your mind and fills your heart with joy and peace is fabulous!  So, what are you going to do for you within the next 24 hours?  This doesn’t have to be anything major or super special….just special enough for you to feel like you did something for you.  Thought about it?  NOW DO IT!  You’ll be better for everyone else if you do!



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