Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #2a: Creating the Vision…Continued

After my last update, a number of you sent thank you emails, sharing how motivated you were to actually put your vision board together.  So, naturally of course, I had to take it to the next level….I actually hosted the very first Living Fabulously Fierce Meet-Up!

A few of us got together and really honed in on our vision with no limitations!  “DJ Lynette” provided the musical inspiration and we let our minds run wild with purpose! Check out a couple of the resulting boards:

As for me and my vision (board)….
Well, I definitely took the limits off.  This exercise absolutely let me run wild with my goals and aspirations and forced me to take up my own ask of you in being true to myself and daring to dream grand. In terms of being true to myself, I have always known that you can never please everyone all the time and if that’s all you’re seeking, it is impossible to be true to you.  Knowing this is one thing, but actually being committed to this frame of mind, living it, is another thing.

What’s really helped me wrap my mind around being true to self is the following quote by Deng Ming-Dao:

“The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished.”

If that doesn’t get one to be committed to one’s nature, I honestly don’t know what would?  That being said, some of you have asked to learn more about me.  So here are a few truths about Farah Bernier:
•       African-American Female of Haitian descent
•       Christian
•       Oldest of three
•       Addicted to travel
•       Passion: Supporting the development of young girls, building their self-esteem and confidence                       through coaching and collaboration with fabulously fierce women who’ve influenced my life….

I think that’s enough for now, but feel free to send me a note with any questions you have about me and I’ll post answers as your inquiries come in.  All in all, these are the basic truths about myself that I am committed to staying true to no matter what that entails.  Each of these characteristics about me, and many, many, many others help define me and contribute to who I am no matter what I experience or am involved in.  That being said, I guess my truth statement would be that as an African-American female of Haitian
descent, I am the descendant of those before me who have had various struggles tied to their own identity, yet made significant strides so that I can be where I am today, proud of who I am, motivated by my Christian values, naturally forthright (though some may call it stubborn..and of course they’re wrong 🙂 tendencies as an “oldest” child, with a love of experiencing new cultures and different parts of the world through travel while inspiring others, young girls and women in particular, to be the best they can be in all that they do, through their own self-confidence and positive self-esteem.

Definitely a mouthful but I’ll trust you get my point.  All in all, I’m staying true to me, owning all of it…all of me!

Dreaming Grand!

In terms of taking the scales off the eyes of my imagination and building grand…well, I definitely did!  So, remember how my board began with two vision “paths” that I shared?  As a reminder, here are the two:

1-Farah=Joy==> Good-Looking==>Strong Brand==>Fabulously Fierce==>Admirable Presence==>Public Speaker

2-Farah=Joy==>Light for others==>Christian==>Example of Christ==>Missionary

Well, I took another look and focused on being grand!  So using the first path just as an example, check it out:

Farah=Joy==> Good-Looking==>Strong Brand==>Fabulously Fierce==>Admirable Presence==>Public Speaker==>Speaker at the 2020 Essence Women’s Conference==>Living Fabulously Fierce Talk Show Host!!! (Why not?)

Time to Work:
This exercise actually helped me identify additional interests that I didn’t even realize I had.  I love what I’m doing for work and all the ‘extrawork’ activities that I engage in, but I never really thought about taking what I love to do in my job-speaking, coaching, advising, consulting, developing and facilitating-and focusing in on how to take it to the next level.  Now that I have a defined, tangible end-goal, it’s time to start putting my vision into action.

So I’ve already taken the first step, thanks to the fabulous connection my fierce friend Veronica Chapman, a true jewel, shared with me, and called an agency that sets thought leaders up with speaking engagements.  I’ll focus on local opportunities for the time being, build up to larger audiences, then get to the Essence Women’s Conference, and then, host of the Living Fabulously Fierce Talk Show….and many of you will be guests. Taking the scales of my vision indeed!

Side note: Sooooooo, if you’re looking for a speaker on confidence, self-esteem, personal brand building, diversity and inclusion……well, you know who to call!

So how about you, what did you end up with and what actions are you planning to take?  Feel free to share.

One last thing…
One thing that helped me dream grand was really focusing on leaving a legacy.  Simply, put, I want to make sure to leave a mark on this world that makes a significant enough difference to positively impact others,
however that may be.  I dread the thought of one day leaving this earth and not leaving some sort of a mark that shows that I lived, I added value, I dared to dream and live my dreams, and in some identifiable way, left a legacy that encourages others to do the same.  What’s the legacy you want to leave behind?

Soundtrack of the week: Beyonce’s, I Was Here


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