Fabulously Fierce Factor #4-Being, or becoming accomplished in the art of doing nothing with a focus on gratitude

In a world of a million things going on at once, it can actually be extremely difficult to enjoy the possibility of doing absolutely nothing.  I know that for me this is a serious challenge.  Anyone who knows me really well knows that the wheels are constantly spinning.  I am motivated and excited about knew ideas and bringing things to life….all day every day.  Also, I can probably be considered a true professional multi-tasker (even now as I sit here writing, I’m actually also doing my nails!).  It’s gotten to the point where I’ve actually had to schedule “do nothing” days….which end up becoming, “just don’t do a million things today” days.

Now here’s the thing, since this modus operandi actually gets me excited about things and motivated to keep playing this game called life, I really don’t consider it a bad thing.  It’s actually part of my joie de vivre.  The challenge is pulling out of that space, mentally, to recharge and soak up what actually already is and those around us.  It’s all about balance, and that’s what I’m taking some time to focus on today….

The Italians actually call this art, this mode operating, obtaining balance, and enjoying life, il dolce far niente…the sweetness of doing nothing.  It’s really all about soaking up the moment, taking in all that is around us: ambiance, environment, scenery, good weather, a great meal, fabulous company, you name it..just taking it all in and enjoying it all.  You know, even the news, one of our ways of keeping up with all that’s going on in our world, tends to keep us focused on everything that is wrong and hard and horrible.  This leads us to feel like we have to do always be doing something to either address what’s going on or just keep moving to avoid it all.  The reality is if we just stop, just take a moment to breathe, to sit and do nothing but pause, we’ll realize there’s so much to be grateful for and our whole outlook will change leading to a change in how we handle the hustle and bustle…becoming even more intentional about what we do to embrace the sweetness of doing nothing.

So where do we go from here?  Well, I think it starts with a focus on gratitude.  Someone I’ve looked up to and recently had the opportunity to be a classmate with, Freda Battle actually has a song, For All You’ve Done For Me, that points to what we would realize the moment we begin to think about all that we can be grateful for…we literally would just not have enough words, time, paper and pen to note everything that we have to be thankful for.  For me, when things do get to be a bit too much to handle, that’s where I go, to a focus on all that I have to be grateful for, focusing on everything that is great, fabulous in my life, with appreciation for each and every blessing, giving thanks to God for it all.  It just makes everything, for me, so much better.

This is tough though, again, because there is always something to do, somewhere to go, someone to be there for.  So, I’m heading to school folks…school of life.  This afternoon, I head to Italy and I’m going to spend a great deal of time experimenting in this dolce far niente, taking every moment I can to soak it all up while adding to my “Gratitude List”, giving thanks and praise for it all.

Here’s to the art of doing nothing!  And to the commitment to gratitude!  So, go ahead, start your list, and comment/share.  I’d love to hear what you’ve started to take note of in your gratitude.

Soundtrack of the Week: Zo!’s, Free Your Mind

P.S.-For those in the New England area, Freda Battle will actually be launching her new CD this Friday, July 20!!!  Check her out on Facebook for the details!

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