Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #6: Actively Inspiring Others

Wow folks!  Just a reminder that we can never underestimate the power of taking the time to share what’s been given to us, by others, with others.  Essentially, it’s all about inspiring others.

Last week was a very hectic week and I was limited on time for what I really love to do….coaching young women on their personal brand.  I did, however, take just five minutes, literally, to share something with another young lady at a conference I attended.  She came over after hearing me speak and we had a very quick conversation.  This morning, I noticed she’d sent me an email and this is what I opened my inbox to:


                I had a blast with you!  You don’t even know it but I am now your adopted little sister

               and you are not getting rid of me….”

The rest of her note went on to talk about some things that she and I discussed her following up on and the action items she’s already delved into.  For anyone who really knows me, it isn’t a question that I really don’t share things as a way to highlight myself or anything that I do but as a way to highlight that there is nothing that I do that no one else can’t do.  That being said, all it took for this young lady to feel inspired to start making some moves in her own life was five minutes of me just talking to her about my own experiences, advice I’ve gotten in the past and advice I’d offer up to her.

Honestly, I’m still really taken aback that what I considered to be no time at all proved to be a significant time of inspiration for this young lady.  Just imagine how much more of an influence and impact I could have had if I were actually actively looking to inspire someone, and then our paths had crossed!

I’m not advocating that we be focused on prescriptive dialogue with others.  That would take away from the genuine  “coincidental” interactions that we face every day.  What I am advocating however, is that

1-We recognize that someone, some experience, some circumstance-all good or

unexpected-and more often than not many more than just one person, experience or

circumstance, have  influenced us to the point of inspiration, yielding some motivation to get

us to make some move in our lives.

2-Beause of this truth, acknowledge that we all have something to offer, at a minimum,

another  person in this world, if not a whole slew of people.

3-We keep all of this top of mind, day in and day out, realizing that we are all

fearfully and  wonderfully made, so much so that we’re walking inspiration for

others….even if we don’t  want to be, we just can’t help it….it’s part of who we are and what

we’re meant to be.

I really do believe that all of this is active inspiration….recognizing the influence on our lives, acknowledging what we have to offer, and being open to inspiring others by keeping this top of mind.  It’s what makes our paths crossing so incredible!

So today, I encourage you to focus on actively inspiring others.  As a fabulously fierce woman, it’s just part of who you are.


Soundtrack of the day: Emeli Sande’s Wonder

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