LFF Brand Spotlight!!!

Hello Hello,

Continuing to feature some of the Fabulously Fierce that I know, I’m excited about this week’s Spotlight on Sharon Brewster!  I met Sharon when I was an itty bitty freshman at Fontbonne Academy.  In true all-girls’ parochial school fashion, we were paired as big and little sister.  She was a fabulous sister then and is even more so now!  Check out the details of my interview with her!

Sharon Brewster-1

Art Director, United Way

   Blogger, TheOutletforWomen.Blogspot.com

What does Living Fabulously Fierce Mean to You? Living Fabulously Fierce, to me, means living a life of impact, regardless of my own personal obstacles or triumphs.

If you had to describe your brand in three words, what would those three words be?

  • Innovative
  • Integrity
  • Bold

The body of work I produce for clients and the creative solutions I offer blend a natural boldness of ideas and solutions.  Also, everything I do is grounded in integrity and innovation. I’m always trying something new.

How do you actually define your personal brand? 
Consistently focusing on a solution focused approach to design.

How are you intentional about your brand?
I’m specific about the body of work I’m producing and for whom. I understand the importance and value of having specific strengths and skills I am known for.

If there is anything you could do to either reinforce or enhance your brand, what would that be? I would take time to market to specific companies and small businesses and keep my business and brand in the mix…but there are only so many hours in the day.

My brand is fabulously FIERCE? What is your brand? 
Fabulously Creative!

What would you say makes you fabulously CREATIVE? I’m naturally creative and I’m also a Creative. I enjoy the thrill and challenge of creating something new or expanding an existing brand and bringing innovation and passion to the work.

How do you recommend others stay true to themselves and live their personal brand? 
It’s important to know what your key differentiators are and be able to clearly articulate what makes your brand significant in the market.  You want to highlight why someone should use you. Once you’ve identified that, stick to it and grow your brand and network based on your strengths rather than trying to let your market dictate what you should be doing. I’m a firm believer that your gift will make room for you and bring you before people of influence.

If there were one song on the soundtrack for the Fabulously Creative, what song would that be?
Proud Mary by Tina Turner.

Anything additional you’d like to share? Know that you can do whatever you set your mind to do if you’re focused, committed and skilled.

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