Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #23-Appreciating Your Own Company

Man oh man, have the past few weeks been pretty tough for me.  I actually got sick!  I NEVER get sick so this was tough for me.  I basically just ran my body down through some recent intense workouts, not really taking time to take care of myself, balance, properly manage stress and the like.  Yup, I messed up and my body just said, “I’m going to show you a thing or two.”  About 10 days later my system is done teaching me a lesson.  What I learned….I really enjoy my own company!

See, when you’re sick, you can’t really be out and about, doing dinners with friends, catching movies, enjoying a nice glass of wine with good people, pushing yourself in kickboxing class, heading out for early morning runs, etc.  I couldn’t even get my church on.…that’s when you know I’m really in bad shape.  So, sick mode was all about recoup mood, solo.  I ended up spending a lot of time at home….in bed, on my couch, writing, reading, even painting.  Of course I had great music in the background so I could jam even while I was in my jammies.  Couldn’t have people over because I didn’t want to get them sick and so I really gave meaning to me, myself and I…for me.

Sometimes, living fabulously fierce is about just appreciating you, who you are, and what you have to offer, you.  I like making jewelry and often make pieces for others as birthday presents.  Made some pieces for myself.  I like going to the local art bars with friends and family.  My favorite spot in my house, my porch, became my personal art bar as I painted a few pieces.  And, beyond this, I really just chilled, watched television, slept…recuperated.  I realized that I really don’t need to be doing something grand every minute of the day to be fabulously fierce.  Sometimes, it really is about being solo and just enjoying your own company.  I’m not going to pretend it was easy.  My neighbor came over to check in on me a few times to “make sure you’re not doing anything like sneaking off to the gym.”  But, it was really cool to not actually be able to do anything (I was soooooooooooooo sleepy) and just appreciate the time, the peace, and the company everyone calls friend, sister, daughter, auntie, coworker….Farah. 


What next?  Well, I treated myself to a 4-day weekend which started Thursday. Today, while I wanted to wait to launch a spa club with a few friends, we’re going to hold off until the beginning of the year but two of us are heading to Exhale today…

all in prep for what will be a really hectic next few weeks for me.  Treating myself first and then will jump in fiercely to take it all on. 

So, I am recommending that we all plan our “Fabulously Fierce Company Day” and just treat yourself to a day in, even a weekend in with you to appreciate your own company.  For those of you who already do this and are good at it….you da women and I’m always interested in how I can be better about it…so share share share.  For those of you who have the energizer-bunny-until-your-battery-runs-out syndrome like me, let me know how you’re taking the first step to making time for you and appreciating your own company.

Soundtrack of the week: Jai Ho!  No special reason except for it was one of the songs I had on blast while painting last week 🙂  Enjoy