Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #30-Accepting the World As Your Playground

I’m sooooo excited right now.  In just a few hours, my friend and I leave for Italy for a week in Rome!  Though planned a couple months ago, our motivator was nothing more than, “Why not?!?”  I have a rule about doing “repeat trips”.  Basically, since there’s so much to see, I never do the same place twice.  Of course, I have broken this rule for Italy after falling in love with it last year.  And so it is, we’ll be ringing in 2014 at a festival near the Colosseum!  Did I mention how excited I am!!!!!

I usually treat myself to one big trip a year….a way to totally disconnect from work, life in general, and to just really have some “me time” and reflect!  It really rejuvenates me, whether it’s running off to Europe or basking in the glow of the Caribbean, the reflection time does a Farah good! Unfortunately, I didn’t make plans for 2013 and just kind of accepted that I’d have to just be better in 2014 and plan ahead.  Then….Scene…In walks, Noelia…

IMG_2932”Soooo, I found this deal…what do you think of New Year’s in Italy?”

And here we are!  Why not!

There really is so much of the world to see, to experience, and new memories to create with those we hold dear.  What I’ve learned is while spontaneity definitely has it’s place, there really is value to planning ahead for your traveling adventures.  If you ever watch kids in their playgrounds, they sometimes just bounce back and forth between swing sets, the slides, and the monkey bars.  But when they’re creating worlds and experiences as only they can with their imaginations, they’re always planning with a story and some even tell the other kids what part they’re to play (I know that wasn’t just me!).

So, this week, I challenge you to dare to dream.  Accept the world as your playground and plan ahead.  Where are you going this year!?!?!  Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Soundtrack of the week: Vice’s World Is Our Playground


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