Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #31-Being Brave

Happy New Year!!! 2014!!!  Still taking it in!  So much has happened and been experienced for me this year already that I’m looking forward to so much more!

I am not the resolution-making kinda gal, but I am all about setting expectations of what is to come and proactively understanding the role I am to play in all of that.  That being said, I’VE GOT SOME SERIOUS EXPECTIONS FOR 2014!!!  No, this isn’t due to the standard hype around New Year’s and what it brings and all of that.  I do appreciate this because it just adds to the zeitgeist of the season (love that word…don’t get to use it often), but my personal hype around it all is really based on my mindset on the principle of sowing and reaping.

See, some of you have been with me on this LFF journey from the beginning, many have jumped on board as more and more word spread (got a note from Switzerland last week!), and some of you just joined this past week.  This reflects that I’ve had a pretty good season of sowing-investing time, energy, funds, hopes, dreams, and aspirations into all of this and what it stands for, and my life in general.  Now, it’s time for the reaping…and just the beginning of it.  I really am excited beyond belief!

Just a heads up, we are about to get little spiritual here, so just get ready….and if you’re over it, just hang on just a bit longer…I promise I won’t disappoint.  For those of you that follow me on Facebook, you know that there were recently a few days before heading to take over Rome that I just kept waking up super early with no explanation whatsoever.  There wasn’t anything that I was anxious about, anything I was worrying over, and while I was excited about my upcoming trip to Italy, in that moment, I was just happy to have a few extra vacation days to catch up on sleep.  Yet, so it went…

     Day 1, December 21, woke up at 3:33a.m…..

     Day 2, December 22, woke up at 3:48a.m….

     Day 3, December 23, woke up at 4:28a.m….

Surprisingly, though my sleep was interrupted, I actually loved the stillness and peacefulness that that hour of the morning brings.  It was as if I was the only person on the planet at that time.  My friend, Karen, saw my post and reminded me to just “Listen to what He wants you to do.”  Totally understood it but wasn’t sure what I would get.  Then, that last morning, Day 3, I finally heard The Lord speak:

“I have so much in store for you.”

To this, I had to ask, “How do I seize it all?”  The simplicity of His response totally struck me:

“Just believe.”

For the first time, I realized that to really believe in the expectations that I have, I’ve got to raise my game and go beyond being fearless and actually be brave. 

There is no doubt that I value being fearless and appreciate the fact that it doesn’t mean that you’re not afraid, it just means that you live and carry on in the face of your own fears.  Bravery however, this shows up in the actions tied to your fearlessness.  Being brave requires positioning your fearlessness to show up, not just letting it be a resident characteristic.  To me, a fabulously fierce level of bravery entails:

1-Living as if you must make daily progress toward fulfilling your dreams and seizing the expectations of your life.  Sometimes, some of us are more afraid of success than we are of failure because success requires us to make some bold moves, steps of bravery, in the direction of success.  What if we just lived every day, taking leaps towards our success instead?

2-Speaking life into your expectations. Sometimes we’re even afraid to speak what we believe because we want to reserve a little bit of what I’ve learned is just false humility just in case we’re being disappointed.  I recently did a workshop for women identified as high potential professionals, basically ‘up and comers’, as identified by their leaders.  When I asked them to note what makes them unique and their professional goals within the company in terms of what levels they wanted to reach, they admitted that they didn’t actually want to say it or even write it down because “what if it doesn’t happen?” These are the most fabulous of the fabulous and even they had hesitations.  We must be brave and speak our expectations of life because here’s the other side of the coin, “what if it all does happen?”  How incredible would that be…on soooooo many levels?”

3-Seize every opportunity to make progress.  Michael Jordon is my all time favorite athlete!  He was just unstoppable and he just always got it done.  I mean he even played a game with the flu…..and WON!  I’m not recommending going out there and putting your health at risk, or anyone else’s for that matter, but I am saying sometimes, even though opportunities may seem tough, even downright scary, you have to be brave, remember what you want, and seize these opportunities, no matter the short-term conditions!  See, you always get second chances, I really do believe that because we’re human and God knows what He’s doing, He knows when we’re not going to seize opportunities to make progress so He’s already lined up another opportunity to do so.  So nothing is really lost….except for time…and the progress that would’ve been.  Save both through seizing!

This is my wish for your 2014…and beyond, that you would be brave, living each day focused on making progress toward your dreams and experiencing expectations fulfilled by speaking life into them and seizing every opportunity to make this progress.  I know there are actually a few things I’ve got in my heart to be accomplished and blessed with this year.  I’ve got to be brave, more than ever before.  I want to see you be brave! Let’s do it together!

Soundtrack of the week: Sara Bareilles: Brave


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