Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #32-Daring Greatly

Sooooo, needless to say, I’m still on a high from my recent trip to Rome.  I’m still trying to savor the flavor of the experience-the calm, the peacefulness, the intentional proactive appreciation of fabulous moments.  So while I’m cautious not to over do it on my Rome High or push the fabulous city down everyone’s throat, there is so much I really want to share.  This week, it’s all
about daring greatly.

Right before I left for my trip, I watched an interview with Dr. Brene Brown again in which she shared the following quote by Theodore Roosevelt.  

ImageWhile the quote itself is pretty powerful, what she said after as she reflected on the former President’s words was really what resonated with me most…

“Essentially, if you’re not in the arena getting your butt beat, if you’re
just a spectator, I’m just not interested in your feedback.”

See, last post, we connected on being brave and focused on what that requires us to do.  I think the next level of reinforcing your personal brand is the level of daring greatly.  This is actually the title of  Brown’s book.


As it relates to Living Fabulously Fierce and the process of personal branding, daringly greatly is all about reinforcing your self-confidence, esteem, and accepting the authority and power behind your personal brand by:

1-Eliminating the power of others’ voices.  During the self-discovery process of personal branding, I always stress the importance of getting others’ feedback and perspective on you and how you “show up”.  This is always about constructive, useful feedback.  But then, we all have to manage the voices of our critics.  This is why during the self-definition phase we all have the option of eliminating some feedback, especially that of the critics.

When it comes to daring greatly, standing in our respective arenas-as working mom, training athlete, aspiring actress, writer, blogger, model, corporate executive, determined entrepreneur-whatever the arena is, we have to know how to eliminate the voices of those who will never stand where we do, choosing never to stand where we do, instead, opting for the comfortable seat of the spectator.

2-Committing to stay in the arena, not quit. It is often so much easier to get out of the arena.  At this point, we’re twelve days into the
new year and for those of us who have made resolutions, right about now is where we’re ready to just turn around and walk out of the game, quit the gym, forget eating right, let go of our plan to stop shopping, give up on taking 15 minutes for ourselves every day, for my fellow NDCers, break our fast…yes, we essentially just want out of our arena.  Sidenote on all of this….there’s no value in any guilt for all of this so let go of that and appreciate the face that we’re just human.  This will happen.  We get tired, we experience frustration, we even experience temptation.  So just accept the natural tendency we have to want to quit.  It happens.  The fabulous thing though is that we’re so much more than our nature allows of us.  We have the power to override our natural desires and really go for what we want in the face of the challenges that come our way.  The first step of honing into this, though, is not allowing ourselves to give into our weaknesses. Simply put, one who dares greatly, at a minimum, commits to Staying. In. The. Arena. Stay in the game!

3-Focusing on endurance, perseverance and excellence instead of the “quick win”.
We are definitely living in a microwave-minded world–put something in, stand around for a few minutes, wait for the beep, and you’ve got what you wanted!  As a result, we now expect quick gains…wins…in all areas of our lives, even as we face the challenges of the arena.  What we need to do is focus on the skill of endurance…staying in the game for the long haul; persevering, focusing on a level of excellence that can only yield a win.

All of this to me is daring greatly because it’s all about intention and standing as a warrior, standing determined to be a conqueror, standing as a winner, standing fabulously, standing fierce.  Daring greatly to live fabulously fierce!

So here I stand…

ImageI’m standing on the outskirts of the arena, getting a better understanding of what it’s going to take to win, taking in what the view looks like, appreciating what I have to look forward to.  Won’t you join me? 

Soundtrack of the Week: Absolutely Old School but it just sounds like some good “amp me up” music, MC Lyte’s Lyte As a Rock


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