Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #33-Dreaming with Actionable Intention

As we prepare to celebrate and honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  I’m really even more inspired to encourage us all to focus on our dreams, goals, and aspirations. Taking a step back though, I would like to highlight what I think has become a missed opportunity, Dr. King Day.

 What I have observed is that for many of us, this just becomes another day off from school, work, and a history lesson on one of the most impactful historical leaders of our time.  Now don’t get me wrong, the reminder of who he was and his legacy is absolutely important.  But when I pause and ponder, what would he say about our efforts?  How would he react to all that is going on in the world today?  And on an individual basis, how are we leveraging his leadership, modeling, and example in our own lives?  I think this last question is where we, the LFF community are really called to action.  We must focus beyond the dream-what we want for the world, for our piece of the world, for ourselves and those around us-and dream with actionable intention. 

What does this mean?  Of course I’m going to tell you.  Dreaming with actionable intention means giving yourself permission and time to daydream about what you want, what you hope for and all that you aspire to.  In our ‘move this way and that way and now this way again’ and do everything ten times faster world, we can lose sight out of dreams and get lost in our day-to-day.  What’s critical though is taking action on our dreams. 

No matter what your aspirations are, you’re never going to be able to make any progress toward them if your intention rests in the escape that just dreaming offers.  In my dreams I am everything from an Alvin Ailey dancer to a successful executive, coach, and entrepreneur. 


Image  Image

When I hear a beautiful song, I can see the stage, my toe shoes, my flowing dress and perfect points.  That’s my mental escape and I love it!  Now I will get back to dancing at some point (I already have the details of a few adult corps and lessons) but when I dream with actionable intention, I focus on Living Fabulously Fierce, being successful in my “9-to-5” gig and developing skills that will position me as a highly sought after coach.  I take steps to accomplishing these dreams from looking the part to staying in the game and playing it fiercely, positioning myself as a true contender.

The most critical aspect of all of this that we must keep in mind is that dreaming with actionable intention has a great deal to do with legacy-leaving your mark so that the world is no longer the same as it was before you came along.  This was the impact of Dr. King.  He didn’t just dream…

                                 he dreamt with actionable intention…

                                                         and his intention was legacy-focused…

and during this time, we celebrate the mark he, with the help of many others, made so that you and I live in a much better world than many of those during his time may never have even imagined. 




Now, what if he had just sat back in his daydreaming, using it just as a mental escape and moved along in his day-to-day?  Shudder the though, huh?  And so, today I ask, what is your dream?  How are you dreaming intentionally?  What legacy, mark, are you focused on leaving?


Soundtrack of the week: For some inspiration and because I love Miri Ben-Ari, enjoy the Symphony of Brotherhood


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