Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #36-Being a Game Changer

We live in a day and time when the fabulously fierce cannot be so by doing things in an ordinary fashion or operate within or as if they are in a box instead of being extraordinary.  Yup, hitting hard right off the bat today!  I’ve just been even more observant of people, places, things and even lack there of lately.  What this has really led me to fully grasp is that things just aren’t the same.  So basic and simple, I know, but bear with me.  

Essentially, I’ve just been reflecting that the ways of operating in the past that yielded success, fulfillment, accomplishment, innovation and the like, with our own personal, respective definitions of all these things are now just table stakes.  We really have to up our game in the spheres in which we each operate; and for those of us who are legacy-focused, we
actually have to be game changes.  Need some examples?  Cool.

  • Students just doing well and get into a good school. Now you have to show
    all this “extra” stuff like sports, leadership in extracurriculars, etc.
  • Doing well in college and getting a good job upon graduating.  Now graduates need internships and unique experiences
  • Go to work…do a good job…get promoted.  Now we all have to network and have unique brand defining traits
  • Leaders-corporate, non profit, organizational, entrepreneurial- you can’t
    just play the game, you have to be fiercest of the fierce, again in your own

Another fitting example, one that really initially got me thinking about all of this…



  • Never before has anyone ever produced an album IN SECRET
  • Never before has anyone put together an album that was half videos
  • Never has anyone done all of the above, sold 80K copies in three hours, with NO TRADITIONL MARKETING!!!

Yup!  Game changer indeed!

All this means for us is that we’ve got to take the challenge of upping our game, taking things to the next level, and doing so so fiercely that we actually take the lead and change the game.  What does this require:

1-The confidence to be daring and challenge frameworks.  Oprah once said, “The Taj Mahal is literally a love poem set in stone.”


 Imagine if he just chose to write another poem and accept, that’s the way to show love and that’s it.

2-Push yourself through the new rules you’ve set. Sometimes, just when we’ve changed the games, our own progress scares us…let’s just be honest.  When you recognize you’re in that “maybe I can turn back now and still be ok” moment, push forth and just keep going.


3-Continue to meet  and then exceed your own standard.  Don’t just rest in changing the game.  Celebrate and appreciate that win, but continue to focus on being the best you  you can be by keeping your eye on that standard so you don’t slide back to the usual.

Game Changing!  That’s what it means to be fabulously fierce!!!

Soundtrack of the week: Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, highlighting his first moon walk, because he definitely was a game changer!!!  Even now, it makes me want to go out and buy some sequined socks!!!! 

Bonus: Found this this week.  A must see! Covergirl, #GirlsCan!


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