Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #38-Trying

Hello hello world!  Literally world!  I’m so excited that living fabulously
fierce is now being followed from some folks in Norway and Australia!  We reached a few other extended reaches of the world previously but I think this is definitely the farthest!  

Before we get into things, I have to remind all my Boston folks, tickets are still on sale for the April 5th LFF event.  Tickets must be purchased in advance.  This is NOT AN EVENT TO BE MISSED.

So, this week, I actually learned a lot about a number of folks I was reconnecting with and just learning more about.  From someone going skydiving to someone else planning to go dog sledding in Alaska early next year, a great number of you are in a season of trying…in a good way!  How fabulous are all experiences in which you try something new?!?!  Yes, even if it doesn’t go as planned-well except for the skydiving option…that one absolutely MUST go as planned!  What I mean is, sometimes we are afraid to try new things because we focus so much time and energy on how it might not go as planned instead of focusing on the experience of actually
doing something new.  
Notice, I didn’t say that it might not go well, or you might fail.  I just pointed out that it might not go as planned.

Here’s an example: I have a friend who really wants to try kickboxing with me. 

ImageShe knows she’s more than welcome to come with me and I’ll even facilitate her getting to the spot and meeting the folks who signed me up. She’s not even trying to lose weight but just thinks it could be kinda cool.  What’s her hang-up though, “what if I don’t get all the moves right?” WHO CARES?  And if anyone notices you messing up? That means they’re not getting the moves right either….AND even if you don’t, it’s just a fun workout with some pretty fierce results even if you’re kicking left when he says to kick to the right.

I’m not perfect at this trying thing by any means, but I’m getting pretty good and the only reason is not because everything is going well, but because I’m getting so much out of the process AS WELL AS THE OUTCOME.  Another example…and I just realized I hadn’t yet shared this with all of you… Earlier his year, after some…ok a lot of hesitation, I….auditioned…for….a play! I know, WHAT?  Never acted a day in my life and here I am thinking I can audition for a play.  Well, having no clue where to start with what goes into auditioning, not even acting people, just auditioning, Google came to the rescue. 

I found a monologue that was my speed, didn’t even know the movie it was from but after memorizing my lines, decided to look it up and it was my favorite actress, Meryl Streep!!!!!!!  


Then went to the audition…in the midst of a storm…auditioned, then a few days later learned that Director/Playright/Producer Robyn L. Reese picked me for one of her roles in her upcoming play. Ummmm, I literally almost asked her if she was sure, and here I am just a couple of months later, with a new love-acting-developing a new skill under the leadership of a phenomenally inspiring individual and working with an incredible cast-Plug: Moving Day, get your ticket 🙂



You know me by now to know this is so not me tooting my own horn but just an example of what you can do… Step out of your comfort zone, think of something you have always wanted to do that you’ve never taken any action toward. If you’re having a hard time thinking of something,  let me just say I know half of you have to be some of those folks who sing in the shower or with your brush in front of the mirror singing like you studied under the tutelage of Whitney Houston…and half of that half are actually pretty good 🙂 Take a step toward
trying something that will open the door for you in that space .  What’s the worse that could happen?  I’m facing the “worst” of my trying- overcoming the nervousness of being on a theatrical stage…yup, that’s my “worst”-AND I’M LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!  Go ahead, get your trying on!!!

Soundtrack of the week: Something (a little silly) to get you to Move It!

Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #37-Accepting Your Privilege

Yes, it has definitely been quite a while…at least longer than I’d like between connecting with you via posts.  You can imagine how much I have to share with you but as usual, I’m going to do my best to keep it succinct and to the point while giving you enough to chew on until we connect again.

First things first, for those of you who have been running a gazillion miles a minute like I have, you may have missed the buzz around the April 5th Living Fabulously Fierce Workshop and Photoshoot.  Check out the details via eventbrite and be sure to get your tickets asap!!!!  This is definitely not an event to be missed.  Aaaaaaaand…since I’ve heard from the musicians, the entrepreneurs and the students who’ve shared that “Farah, times are rough…”, we’ve gone ahead and discounted the tickets even further….for just this week so DO NOT DELAY!  Not sold yet, ok…an added bonus, the first 10 fabulous women to register get a free 30-minute professional coaching session with yours truly, valued at $110!!!

Now, on to our factor for this session, I had the great honor and privilege of attending and participating in the recent Bryant Women’s Summit.  It was PHENOMENAL!!!  And while I appreciated the opportunity to speak on the Power of Leveraging our Differences to highlight diversity and inclusion strategies that win, the true treat for me was getting to hear the fabulously fierce Viola Davis!!!


Those of you who follow me on twitter (@FarahBernier) saw that I could NOT tweet fast enough all of the wisdom she was imparting.  So much of her message stuck with me and this may just turn into a series of Ms. Viola Insights, but for now, I want to elaborate one of her extraordinary points:

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who are you.  All of who you are!!!”

Ms. Davis’ authenticity beams from the moment she walks in the door and is only enhanced by her words.  I know we’ve all heard some version of this message…you know…

“be yourself”…

                “you’re special”…

                                        “there’s no one like you”…

                                                                             “you’re truly one of a kind”…

                                                                                                             “don’t waste time trying to be like anyone else, be you”…

So, what’s unique about this statement?  Well, simply put, it puts honor and responsibility into all of the usual statements and goes a step further, a leap, really, and requires your whole self!   “All of who you are.” And that, my friends, is really what resonated with me.  Role modeling this before over 1000+ women, she even went on to share specifically what makes her fabulous, and specifically, those parts of her being that she doesn’t necessarily like to put a spotlight on but she owns nonetheless as just being part of who she is.  Now, what if we all did that…you know, owned every characteristic of who we are and brought that to every encounter, every experience, every situation, every opportunity?  I believe we would more than quadruple the army of the fabulously fierce!!!!  And how remarkable would that be?!?!?”

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.  All of who you are!!!”

So what does it actually mean to accept, to own, your privilege?   It means

1-being so bold, comfortably bold to declare what makes you fabulous!  You know, what would be missing in this world, if you weren’t in it? What unique honor and responsibility do you carry by being you and no one else?
2-understanding, identifying that which contradicts the spotlight for you? You know, what are your blemishes? What are your shortcomings? What makes you less than perfect?
3-committing to being ALL of you no. matter. what.  and standing fabulously fierce in the face of all keeps you from being “perfect”.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.  All of who you are!!!”

So today, I challenge you to accept the privilege you have of just being you, showing up just as you are, all of who you are!!!

Soundtrack of the week: Because I think not being all of who you are can be like trying to fly with one wing, enjoy this serenade from the soundtrack of Sparkle-Jordin Sparks’ One Wing.