Reflection: Boston Strong

Hard to believe it’s really already been a year since the devastation that hit the Boston Marathon and all who were there…and even those who weren’t but were somehow impacted by the events. The reality is though, that time does truly fly and while easy to remember the horrible events, I’m shifting my focus to the resilience and the instant brotherhood/sisterhood that came out of the April 15, 2013 events.

Over the past week or so, locally, we’ve been reminded again and again how amazing it was to see people just jump into action to help others after last year’s bombings. The developments of continuous ways to show support, love and putting into action the truth that we are our brother’s keeper were limitless.  The One Fund, for instance, is just one example.  Additionally, the resilience of those who ran but couldn’t finished, those who were hurt but continue to stand strong, the families of lost loved ones who hold on to memories to squelch their anger, and those who never ever thought of running until after last year’s event and committed to the required training over the past year and plan to run on Monday, this, this is what really puts me in awe.

All of this reminds me that life truly is a blessing and often we forget that we really have to commit to not taking it all for granted by not proactively seizing the day. So, I’d like to remind us all, especially  those who are in their final week of training,  to seize the day to continue to show the resilience of what it means to stand even after falling or coming short, and that the love that we show in times of trial can be just as impactful in times of peace.  This is what I’ve learned it means to truly be Boston Strong.

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