Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #44: Operating as a Masterpiece of Potential.


I recently picked up a book, not because of the author or even just because of the title, but because of an individual I really look up to-Ray. Since the day I met him, he has consistently amazed me when he shares all that he does and sets out to do on a daily basis. Essentially, he literally makes every day count. Hence, when I saw John C. Maxwell’s Make Today Count, I had to pick it up!

This work includes so much insight and wisdom but one thing has already stood out to me in it:

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“Good Decisions + Daily Discipline=A Masterpiece of Potential”

What I love about this is that everything here on the input side of the equation is all about action while the left side conveys an inevitable yield. What I mean is, good decisions don’t just happen….we make good decisions. Daily discipline can’t just be a theory….it’s a consistent activity and operating mindset. What’s also interesting here is that I truly believe that we are created as masterpieces of potential with great purpose and ‘boundaryless’ influence. It’s just when we fall short of making good decisions with the intention of executing in a disciplined manner that we dilute our potential and dim the light of our masterpiece. What does all of this mean for those of us living fabulously fierce? Well, we’ve got to get to the action side of this equation!!!

Making Good Decisions: Now before you even do it, I’m going to cut you off. FORGET THE DECISIONS YOU’VE MADE IN THE PAST THAT WEREN’T “GOOD”. This is not the time to look back and start regretting and playing the “oh if I could just do it over again, I would have…and I wouldn’t have…” game. Making is about progressing, moving forward, letting go of the weight of what we may perceive should’ve have been or could’ve been “better”. So today, as we look at the goals and aspirations we have, we have to determine that we’re going to make good decisions. This actually only entails one simple thing-committing to making decisions that move you progressively toward accomplishing your goals and living your purpose. For instance, this basically means that if I’m planning to do a fitness competition this summer (I’M SO NOT) because I want brand presence in that space and I have my own personal goals around this, I have to commit to not eating certain types of food and decide on a fitness regimen that will work for me.

We’ve spent time in the past here deciding on goals and targeted accomplishments, so I’m sure you’ve got some things in mind that you’re committed to. That being said, what decisions do you need to make today around accomplishing these goals to set you up for success? How will you position yourself to continue making good decisions as you’re presented with different choices along your way?


Committing to Daily Discipline: This morning, not sure why, but it just hit me again how easily get are overwhelmed by our goals because we focus on the big picture of everything that needs to get done or happen for s to accomplish the incredible feats that we absolutely capable of. Instead of this approach, what we really should be focusing in on, on a daily basis, is just taking the very next step. That’s all that discipline is all about. For example, if your goal is to learn another language, don’t jump to the focus of being able to hold a lengthy conversation in the new language and set yourself up for frustration when you still can’t do that one month from now. Instead, focus on picking up a new word or phrase every day until you can hold that conversation you’re envisioning. If it’s a goal of losing a good deal of weight, focus on the things you can do every day to meet your goal-it could be working out for 30 minutes, turning down sweets, committing to turning down that wine at the work functions you have to attend. Whatever your goal may be, give yourself the benefit of a break from the mental gymnastics of trying to wrap your head around all that has to be done and enjoy the process, the journey, toward accomplishing your goal that allows you to just focus on your daily actions that will help you get there. You also get to celebrate more wins this way too!

So, today, how are you going to make this commitment to yourself of just operating in daily discipline? How will you reward yourself for each step you take?


ROI-Basking in the Masterpiece of Potential that You Are: This you can do right here, right now. Here’s the thing-again, we all know we have potential, that we’re fabulous, that we’re fierce. Even the person with the least bit of confidence and self-esteem can say, “I’m here for a reason….I may not know what that is, or that it’s for a great reason, but I’m here, so there’s got to be a reason for that.” That being said, take a moment just to celebrate this truth. Yesterday, Be You Photos hosted a photoshoot for Living Fabulously Fierce (more to come on that) and three of the women are some of the most phenomenal moms I’ve ever seen, so of course their little ones were there. At one point, my sister got the little people to put on the LFF Tees and I was OVERCOME WITH JOY. They were DROWNING in these adult-sized tees but the reason I loved it besides seeing them in front of their moms was because the oversized shirts representing their abundant potential!!! These three are to be experienced, to say the least-I think I could LITERALLY just sit and watch them ALL DAY LONG! And here’s the thing…today they’re drowning in those shirts, in their potential, but they have to grow…and those shirts are going to fit at some point. Overtime, their potential is going to be matched by the good decisions and daily discipline they’re going to apply. Now, that to me, is what living fabulously fierce is all about!!!

This week, I have to give a shout out to the fabulously fierce Alesha Barnes.

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As a masterpiece of potential, Alesha has been modeling this formula of making good decisions and applying daily discipline for months now and will competing in her first fitness competition next month. She set goals and man has she accomplished them and now she’s just taking it to the next level!!! Cheering her on as she gets to her final weeks of competition prep.

And, with their mommies’ permission, I had to share the masterpiece of the fabulously fierce littles-Ella, Tiana and Victoria! #watchoutworld!

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Soundtrack of the week: Because all of this requires patience with ourselves and helping each other, Patience from Dreamgirls.


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