Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #45-Letting Haters Hate

Ok, given the boldness of this week’s factor, we’re just going to jump right in…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard from a number of folks about their recent experiences with some “hateration”. These are successful individuals who are really beginning  to make some major progress in their respective focus areas and as a result of sharing their excitement, and/or others’ observation of their ‘wins’, they experience gossiping tongues, diminishing support from some who had previously  been there for them, and/or folks questioning  what they’re doing with a negative or doubting tone.   It always gets to me when I hear these things because I have definitely been there and experienced some of this-it’s not fun.  

Now here’s the deal with all of this, if you’re committed to being the best you can be, progressing and succeeding toward accomplishing specific goals you must also commit to only inviting supporters, positive challengers, and promoters into your arena. We’ve talked about the arena during our deep dive into daring greatly per Brene Brown’s advice-spectators need not apply to provide feedback or even be around.  Supports, champions, advocates, friends….welcome!  What this all boils down to is letting haters stay in their lane…hating…and you continue to forge ahead in yours…everything will pan out in the end and you’ll see the gain from taking this approach.  TRUST ME….remember, I’ve been there…it totally pans out 😉

This message isn’t really elaborate because when it comes to dealing with all of this, my advice is simple-don’t.  See, when you start to dwell on the negative energy you’re getting from others, you get distracted.  You begin to veer off your path, let go of your charted course a bit, spend waaaaaay too much time trying to figure out the ‘why’ of others’ behavior, and we give them and whatever situation we may have experienced waaaaaaaaay too much airtime. Tough LFF Love: Take it, raise your awareness of the source, move on, and be wiser as you continue to progress in determining who will and will not be in your circle.

And if I need to really reinforce this message, even The Bible tells us not to “give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces” in Matthew 7:6. Your dreams, your hopes, your aspirations are sacred….they’re your pearls…Need  say more ?

Ultimately, let those who are not for you just be. Don’t waste time trying to convince them how fabulous you or your efforts are.  Just be fierce, let them stay in their lane, and continue to forge ahead in yours.

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