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Life Purpose Coach

Meet Megan: “After 10 years of building a chain of retail jewelry stores on Cape Cod, I decided it was time for a life change (or it was decided for me by circumstance and I sold the business-lock, stock and barrel). There were wonderful aspects of my business such as financial success, creativity and a great sense of accomplishment. However, along for the journey came anger, fear, competitiveness and a bad partnership. Through the realization that it was ok to end that dream and pursue another one that focused solely on the wonderful aspects and not the negative influences that lead to an overall feeling of unhappiness, I found my calling-Life Purpose Coaching. I am truly grateful for all that I have experienced, good and bad, and for every difficult decision I have made along the way, good and bad.

I AM truly grateful for it all! Out of darkness comes light, and that is the universal truth that many fail to see. It is now my journey to help others find true gratitude which leads to endless happiness….A state of living fabulously fierce!”

What does living fabulously fierce mean to you? To, me, LFF means experiencing life to the fullest! Being grateful for all you have and all you are and embracing how fabulous you and your life can be.

If you had to describe your brand in three words, what would those three words be? Why?
• Authentic
• Accepting
• Grateful
Why? Well, why not? Nothing else matters, does it? And, if I rolled those three words into one it would be love.

How are you intentional about your personal brand? I strive to walk my talk daily, in every moment or situation…key word here is strive. Sometimes I make mistakes and I accept that. I learn from those mistakes-that’s where greatness happens, true ‘aha’ moments.

How do you live your personal brand? When I feel judgment coming on for others or for myself (that inner critic voice) I say to myself “Cancel, send love”. When I feel jealousy and competitiveness, I think about how grateful I am for everything I have and everything I am. My self-acceptance also grows from this.

Finally, to be authentic is to truly be myself, without fear of others liking me or not, judging my beliefs or not. My true authentic self acts as a beacon for other like-minded people to find me-and that is the law of attraction at its best!

If there is anything you could do to either reinforce or enhance your brand, what would that be? Enhance my message and make connections. I’d like to create more videos where people could experience my coaching philosophies on my website to feel a connection with me.

Greatest Accomplishment? Being a perfectly ‘Imperfect Mom’ to my three daughters!

Biggest Challenge that you’ve overcome? Realizing that being perfectly imperfect is right where I’m supposed to be and embracing that whole-heartedly

What is your Fabulously Fierce Brand Statement: I AM Megan and I AM fabulously happy!

Hobbies: Walking on the beach, being creative, playing and walking my dogs

Interesting Fact: I was voted friendliest and Most School Spirit in High School

How do you recommend other women stay true to themselves and live their authentic personal brand? I believe that the realization and my mantra, “Relax, you are right where you’re supposed to be” sums it up! The key to staying true to themselves and being authentic, is just that-BELIEVE that you are and you will be!

What advice do you have for young girls, our up and coming fabulously fierce, around being their best selves or anything you’d like to share with them in particular?
1) Practice gratitude daily to gain happiness
2) Never, ever, let a bad decision upset you, learn the lesson from it and move on…you will grow. Trust in that
3) Be your best! Never compare yourself to others, life is not a competition, and competition breeds anger, sadness and frustration, and who needs that?
4) Love yourself and others…find God in your heart, that’s where He’s been hiding out all along!


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