Living Fabulously Fierce-THANK YOU!

I hope those of you celebrating had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  It truly is my favorite holiday, second to Easter, because it really is a time of gratitude all around.  Ok, topped off with some gluttony at the dinner table but for the most part, we get the official “It’s time to give thanks” pass on this special holiday.  Of course this shouldn’t just sit for a day or a moment, a week or a season.  We should always find ways to share and express our gratitude, appreciation for each other and every blessing we have the good fortunate to experience in this life.  That being said, today, I would like to take the time to express my gratitude to each and every one of you.

This Thanksgiving, it took me quite some time to get to my emails, texts, and vmails.  I hosted at my place and the prep and execution of the holiday is no small feat.  All went well though, from the table setting to the cooking to even getting positive commentary from the bro “seriously Farah, good job with the meal dude” (I give up on trying to get him to stop calling me dude).  When I finally got to my messages though, I was OVERWHELMED  by all the  notes, texts and even a couple of vmails expressing gratitude and appreciation of Living Fabulously Fierce.  That warmed my heart beyond measure.   One of my coaching clients even wrote “you know, for the longest time, I’ve been trying to figure out why you do what you do…you know, with LFF.  You’ve got a good job, a great life, and yet you’re adding this to your plate to touch so many people like me.  Well, I’ve stopped trying to figure it all out, and have just decided to say Thank You.  Happy Thanksgiving!”

So, her question really got me thinking about my “why”, why do I really do all that I do with LFF?  Up until now, it has really been something I couldn’t articulate well beyond it just being my heart’s desire and where my purpose and passion just seem to meet and engage in an incredibly worthwhile dance of salsa, kompa and merengue all in one.  And then, chimes in Yolanda Adams in the background while I was just hanging out on Friday with the following lyrics to her song, Anything

How big is your imagination?
How much do you dream?
Have you ever had a vision that seems so far to reach?
But I ain’t trying to preach to you ,
But I’m really concerned about the road you choose,
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
What are you choosing? 
Why don’t you?

Let the melody you hear
Whisper softly in your ear
Telling you, you can do anything if you believe
Let the softness of my voice remind you that you got a choice
You can achieve anything if you believe

Now I know you gotta make your own decisions
You gotta make your own mistakes
But I’m watching you as you do what you do
And I see myself as I watch you cause
I did what you’re doing when I was a kid
And I made the same mistakes 
I been where you been
But you can change your destiny
If you listen to the words that I say

Anything is possible
Reachable, attainable
If you see your self as God sees you
I hope you’re listening cause..

While listening to this was when I realized, this is my “why”.  I want to know how big your imagination is, I live to encourage you to listen to the still small Voice tell you you can achieve anything, not preaching to you but living the truth that anything is possible, reachable, attainable and partnering with you so you see and live the same.  That’s my why and at the end of every day, I lift up my praise and gratitude for the opportunity to do so, the blessing of it all, and your openness to me, my passion, and hope!  Thank you!

Soundtrack of the week:  You guessed it J  Enjoy!  Yolanda, Adams: Anything