Living Fabulously Fierce Factor #55-Sharing the Spotlight with Others

After a month of intentional spotlighting of others, I am even more grateful for this platform than ever before!!! It has been an amazing month of collecting different nominations of those to be spotlighted along with their stories and the wisdom they sought to share with all of us. Truly, truly a blessing and I hope you were as enriched from the women who were featured as I was.
And just when you thought we were wrapping up our spotlights, as many of you have reached out to ask if you can nominate someone or if you could be featured, I’ve decided we’re going to let the spotlight continue to shine. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know you’re game (!!! Looking forward to continuing to collect and share your stories.
As for our Factor #55, it would be a total miss if I didn’t hone in on this with you. Simply put, I think we really have so much we can all gain from sharing the spotlight with each other! No, I’m not saying we all need to go ahead and create our own individual blogs and feature different women at different times. What I am getting at are the everyday opportunities we have to let another woman know how phenomenal we think she is and/or give her permission, coupled with undivided attention, to share her story, highlighting what made her who she is.
So, what’s the action? Well, when it comes to the factor of sharing the spotlight with others, there is quite a bit to consider:

  1. Express your respect, admiration and appreciation. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t appreciate someone sharing a “hey, I think you’re fabulous because….” or “I don’t think I’ve ever told you, but I really appreciate you and all that you are” or anything along those lines. This week, let someone, or a few ‘someones’ know how you feel! I found these cards a few months ago and I’ve decided that this week, I’m going to write out five to five different fabulously fierce women in my circle to express my respect, admiration and appreciation of them                                                                      . unnamed                                                                                                        Find your own unique way to express your sentiments to your own five.
  2. Nominate/Reward them for something. Daring isn’t it! Professionally, as women, we don’t do as much as our counterparts do in the way of credentialing. Why? Well, research shows we’re just not as comfortable tooting our own horn. No sweat, that’s why we have friends! I’m not taking away from the fact that we have to be better at this, but in the meantime, we can appreciate when others do the tooting for us. So, this week, identify one woman and awards relevant to her and yup, go ahead and nominate her. And if she’s super uncomfortable with it, do it anyway and blame me (hehehe).
  3. Thank them. Sharing the spotlight requires that someone allows herself to experience a level of vulnerability that can be quite daunting. I can’t tell you how many of the women who were interviewed for the spotlights shared how nervous they were or how great the questions were but so hard to really answer and be ok with their answers. Sharing the spotlight is one thing but accepting it requires a real level of bravery. Be sure to thank her for that.

There, Factor #55….nothing to it!!! To a fabulous week ahead of spotlighting the fabulously fierce!!!!

Soundtrack of the Week: I love sharing music as I truly believe we’re always building the soundtrack of our life but this week, I had to share this clip with Ms. Jennifer Garner!! Enjoy, be inspired, inspire!

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