1.1.2017-Wherever you are….Whatever you’re doing…..


Wherever you are-physically, mentally, spiritually, etc….whatever you’re doing….it’s a given, you’re in the season of a new beginning…..and that. Is. phenomenal!!!


Just breathe that in, mull it over, think about it.  The season of new beginning…beginnings.


Truth:  I actually get a bit annoyed with what I think of as new year’s hype.  I know, I know..a little debbie downer but, please don’t get me wrong…..I just feel that every morning, each and every morning we have the blessing of taking in another breath, opening our eyes, and starting another day, that is what we should really be all hyped up about.  Waiting for the one big day of the year to celebrate the opportunities that come with starting fresh and starting anew….I just wonder if we’re missing out by not having the same focus the other 364 days of the year.  Whew!  Got that off my chest….


Now this: the truth still remains..this day, is part of a season in which we all collectively, for the most part, come together to celebrate new beginnings, starting over, embracing a fresh slate, charting the course of the year with new goals, aspirations, challenges, hopes, dreams, you name it.  And why not?!?  So, while we’re getting to all the doing- writing things down, sharing new year’s resolutions, signing up for new programs, memberships and the like-let’s also be encouraged that wherever we are with all of these goals and aspirations, whatever we’re currently doing to achieve them, however we’re approaching them all, we’re actually right where we’re supposed to be.

There’ll be plenty of time for vision exercises and vision boarding and celebration checkpoints for milestones reached, but now is the time to commemorate the starting line.  It’s often overlooked until we get to the “finish line”.  Then at that point we just think “wow, I came pretty far”, missing the celebrations around the start.  Don’t miss it!  We are all more than enough even right now….we only move, not for perfection, but because we know the best is yet to come!!!  Because we know our latter can be better than our former if we just believe and put in the work!!!  With that!!!  Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing…Happy New Year!  Cheers to the season of new beginnings!  Celebrating the starting line with you!