What if we all just….

operated with each other with just a little bit of grace?  

Can you picture it?  It’s actually a bit tough, isn’t it?  

I believe part of the difficulty is the consequence of the fact that we don’t actually see and experience this on the day to day as much as we’d like….quite frankly as we should.

Well, by now you know I’m someone who just appreciates level-setting with definition.  So, what does grace actually mean?  Quite a bit if we really do a deep dive around it.  When it comes to operating with each other though, it’s actually pretty simple.  See, the definition I like is the following:

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 1.49.52 PM

In the whirlwind that is our day-to-day, we don’t always experience the love, kindness or goodwill that would most favorably define our interactions with one another. So far today, how many have approached you in love, kindness or goodwill?  On the flip side, also consider that in our hustle bustle daily experiences and focus on me, myself, and I (let’s be honest here), we don’t always maintain a disposition to benefit or serve another with intention, actually exercising grace.  It may happen because we’re just good people and we know how to be nice and not intentionally be malicious.  But, what if we set the intention of loving, showing kindness, compassion and mercy, seeking to benefit those who interact with us?

Here’s what I am finding to be more and more true, amongst other things, as life continues to progress: It’s downright friggin hard!  It just is!  Life is a constant series of opportunities to grow, develop and progress which is fabulous, but is definitely does not come without challenge.  It’s just not easy.  And to top it off, you know what makes it even harder….harder than it has to be?  Us!!!!!  Yes, sometimes unknowingly and again even though without malintent, we make life tougher for each other!

Moment of transparency: these past two weeks have been ridiculously tough for me.  

People say things (you would gasp if I shared just a few comments made to me)….

People do things (I’d have to help you pick your jaw up off the floor)….

People fail to say things (ya know, like a simple thank you)….

People fail to do things (yeah like things they said they would do)…

It all just makes the things that are hard even harder.  

But what if instead of just moving day in and day out, just moving with the flow of things, we chose to show up with love?  

What if we actually set a daily intention of just being kind?  

How can we actively demonstrate compassion, mercy and favor to each other?

What if we just maintained and sought, daily, to elevate a disposition of benefit and service to one another?

What if we just operated with a little more grace to with each other?  It takes the act of exercising, but what if?

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 1.47.49 PM

Now, can you see it?  Now, won’t you do it?  Often times, living fabulously fierce is more about empowering others while balancing the elevation and progression of self.  To living fabulously fierce….with grace!

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