Bernier Brand Building: Phase 3- Self Distinction

Hello Hello, Friends!
Yes, yes, yes, it has indeed been a while!  While I wish I could simply say, ‘Well, I just chose to take the summer off,’ yeah not so much, and quite the contrary.  It’s been remarkably busy in the world of LFF!  A number of your have reached out with great questions and raised hands to “dig deeper” and I’ve actually had the opportunity to meet some of you…let me tell you, you LFF followers are pretty cool peeps.  I’ve also been working 1:1 with one person on the updated Bernier Brand Building curriculum and we’ve had a great time getting through all the phases.  That being said, I’m really looking forward to picking up right where we left off here on LFF and hoping you’re ready to get back in the branding game.

With that, where we landed last was our aspirational introductions…let me tell you, that really reset me ablaze with more focus on heading toward that intro.  I mean there’s been a lot of fruit already in the way of me setting action items for next steps including:

  • A few LFF Workshops being offered in Boston
  • Connecting with a local Stylist to do an event for entrepreneurs together
  • Identifying an organization that does mission trips and currently trying to set up a time with their founders so I can participate in a trip with them next year
  • Applying for a speaker role for the 2014 Phenomenal Women’s Conference
  • Upping my workout routines and watching what I eat (psst, clothes fitting better already)
  • Yup, even making moves on the man front and if things pan out well, I might just keep you in the loop on that too!

One outstanding item I do have is reconnecting with my high school, Fontbonne Academy.  I admit, I’ve been a really bad alum…no real connection but I’m going to get on it.

I share all of this because it’s time now to move on to the third phase, self-distinction.  This is all about focusing on legacy.  This might actually be the most critical phase of the personal brand building process because it is all about the footprint you’re intending to leave behind, the impact that you’re committed to having, the impression you want to have made that lives on in others-family, friends, admirers-long after you;’re gone.  It is completely tied to your purpose, to your reason for being in this world, the reason you’re still breathing…because you’re not done yet and the world still needs what you’ve got.

So, honing in on distinction, what is it that is unique about you?  While your momma was sure to tell you you were special, did you ever find out why…for you?  Now’s the time, yes, what makes you special.  What are your spotlight traits…the things that draw people to you and step aside from others?  Ultimately, what are three characteristics that set you apart from others?

And of course you’re doing all of this for you.  If you weren’t making this investment in yourself, for you, then I need you to go back to step one.  With that in mind, because I am one focused on service and helping others, of course the importance of being legacy focused in this phase is actually very inspiring to me.  So,

  • What is it that you know you’re meant to do here on this earth or in this season or at this time, whichever is easiest for you to answer in the here and now?
  • Who is it that you’re committed to making the world a better place for?
  • Who or what group is it that you want to feel the impact of what you do in the here and now so that when you’re gone they’ll be able to reap the benefits even more so?

Heavy, I know…soooo, that means it’s time to get back to work.  I’m not holding anything back at this point, so the bell has rung.  Time to get back in the ring and kick some destiny derrier.  It’s time for a new awakening and all it takes is you starting, just starting to put pen to paper on all of this.  #gettinginthegame

Soundtrack of the week: Beyonce’s “I Was Here”